Why You Need a Recruiting Website

Gain control of the most important side of your business.

ONline Presence

Local and national markets are saturated with opportunity for agents. Whether they're just starting their career in real estate, looking for something different, or settling in with a team that values their performance and is wanting more recognition and compensation, agents need to vet your agency before making a decision.

If agents wanted to reach out and get more information on joining your brokerage or team today, could they find it?

If they could, is the information you provide about the benefits of joining your team competitive, attractive, or lucrative enough?

It should be obvious that sourcing top talent is vital to any established or growing real estate team.

So why do I need a real estate recruiting website?

Take a look at industry trail blazers like eXp realty, compass, fathom realty, and many more.

You'll find that they separate the recruiting side of their business from their IDX websites and provide an experience to prospective agents looking for a change or opportunity. Attracting active agents that are hungry and serious for opportunity will result in stronger retention.

A real estate brokerage that lacks top producing agents usually finds themselves struggling to keep the numbers up and their clients happy - leading to less referrals and lower volume.

This is why recruiting real estate agents should be a long-term priority and how you can recruit (and retain) quality real estate agents through a new careers website.

The perfect time to stop recruiting is never whereas the perfect time to start recruiting is now.

who to target

It's crucial to identify what type of agents you're looking to bring aboard. At the end of the day, you want your agents to have the resources they need to be successful. If you're recruiting plan is wide-open and are taking on anyone with a license (but don't have the resources to support them), you can expect to see a noticeable dip in retention.

Analytics and marketing

If you're stuck using a single "Join Us" page on your IDX website, it may not pack the powerful punch that reflects your brand, culture, and offering. Having your IDX website serve your Buyers and Sellers should be one of the main pillars of your business. The other pillar being a dedicated website representing the growth of your real estate team through independent analytics, ad retargeting, and a "full picture" of what it is you're offering - and how you're different.

For a large majority of boutique and smaller brokerages, recruiting and growing the numbers is rarely a priority which results in gaps within the sales funnel as agents drop off.

To say it another way, the perfect time to begin recruiting is right now. Stay top-of-mind by sending potential recruits to your real estate careers website so when they're ready to move - you're ready.

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